Saturday, May 2, 2015

Recent Trade Update

      On May 1, my limit order for the sale of my shares of Sherritt International went through. I originally had the limit order set to $2.65 for most of the duration of the trade. I raised it a few times to the $2.70. But recently, I decided to lower the limit price in order to close out the trade as there continues to be weakness in the price of nickel, which affects this company.

     My position was initiated on Mar 4, 2015, which you can read about here. During this time, the company also paid a dividend of $0.01 a share. So, I received a $10.00 dividend payment for my 1000 shares.


Initial Investment including commissions :  $2359.95
Proceeds of Sale including commissions   :  $2520.05
Dividends Received:                                  :  $10.00

Total Profit = $2520.05-$2359.95+$10.00
                   = $170.10

Total Return = Profit / Initial Investment
                      = $170.10/$2359.95
                      = 7.208%

This position was held for a total of 59 days. The dividend received from this position does not get counted in my dividend income reports as it was for a trade and not investment purposes. As I am at work during market hours and cannot access my brokerage account,  I use limit orders for buying or selling at the prices that I want. I was actually going to place a trailing stop order for this on Apr 30, but changed my mind to a normal limit order .

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  1. Great return after a 2-month hold.

  2. I am not very familiar with Sherrit and my strategy is long term, 7.2% return in 59 days must be nice.

    1. FrugalitytoFinancialFreedom,

      Thanks for dropping by. My strategy is mostly long term as some of my positions I have held for a long time. I do trade from time to time and if the trade is profitable, the money stays 100% in my brokerage accounts. One exception was a made approximately $400 on a trade and took the profit and paid on my line of credit.

      I do like the dividends coming in month after money and it makes it easier to sleep having passive income coming in.

    2. FrugalitytoFinancialFreedom,

      This was the trade that I made for the $400 profit, also in Sherritt International, and I talk a little about Sherritt in this post.